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A Currency Opera in Two Acts

The installation that was presented at Process and Protocol is an invitation to the ‘Great Voxxcoin throat Mining’ where participants are invited to have their throats mined (mirroring bitcoin mining and the great American gold rush of the 19th Century) hash-tagged and turned into NFTs to be utilised as the primary coins in act 1 and 2 of the great Voxxcoin opera.


Voxxcoin is an opera using the drama of fiscal exchange as its structure and in common with my opera installations ’SINGLR’, and ‘theVoicePartyOperaBot’,  explores the liminal space between analogue and digital worlds.


The app that was developed takes the form of a website with two pages, a ’view’ page and a ’submit’ page. The view page presents a graphical simulation of the blockchain consensus algorithm. As the simulation is run, sound is played so that the ’Actors’ in the simulation appear to narrate the actions they are performing. The submit page allows users to input their name and record a small clip of them speaking. Behind the scenes a machine learning model is used to generate all necessary ’narrations’ from the users vocal clip. The user can then be seen and heard as an actor in the simulation on the view page. In a gallery context the view page could be displayed on a large screen, and participants could use a laptop or phone to submit vocal clips

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