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Hörspiel, politics, twitterbots and hypertexts come together in my new piece, 'theVoicePartyOperaBotFarm[myFuryIsMyMuse] that was diffused on RadioDeutschlandFunkKultur April 23rd and on ORF1 May 2nd. You can listen back by clicking the links. I was talking about The Voice Party as a political system and as a musical form April 22nd Maastricht University. NancarrowKaraoke is now out on vinyl on the De Player label, you can order it here. You can follow theVoicePartyOperaBotFarm on twitter @TheVoiceParty1. In 2019 I had the good luck to follow in the steps of the great Katalin Ladik and represent sound poetry in the stage version of 'The Berberian Sound Studio' directed by Tom Scutt. I created a BelCanto/BruttoCanto sound poem for for each character that I will be performing at the Jack Lyons Concert Hall York University in the autumn. You can listen to 'Gilderoy', 'Lorenzo' or Lixenberg' by clicking on the names.