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BEL CANTO/BRUTTO CANTO comes in two volumes and is a book and a set of scores. Volume one demands questions of the opera and particularly bel canto technique, when was the bel canto voice hijacked from everyday people, maybe even the proletariat, and become the voice of the elite? When and why did opera, particularly in the UK, become a class issue? Why did this happen and why was opera chosen to represent the elite rather than any other vocal form? How and why is it different in other countries? Arguably the beginnings of bel canto are rooted in church music and folkmusic, and can still be heard in the music of Sardinia and Corsica today.

Volume two: 'The Answers', attempts to address these questions with writings and scores that enqire into the nature of bel canto itself. 'Bel Canto/Brutto Canto' is the result of years of experience that I had written about during many operatic and non-operatic vocal projects I have been involved with that as a collection  called 'The Voice Diaries'. I self published these volumes 100% fundings free!

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