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Λήθη  [LETHE]


Is it a game? Is it a film? Is it an Opera? It is all and none of those things! LETHE is an emergent project from LL exploring what it is to become a musician through exploration of archetypes as presented by Greek mythology, accessed by CoMA (a group of amateur musicians) by LARPING. Where do the personality of the participant and the qualities of the myth begin and end? Where do the relationships between the participant's real-life characters and the LARP character begin and end? Through LARPING and play, an unpredictable and personal plot emerges unique to these individuals.


LETHE is a self-funded project made possible by Sasha Balmazi Owen, CoMA, All Comers Music Kythira, Friends of Kythira, The Bookhouse recording studios and Chris Shurety that will be completed by June 2023. 

Each day the participants go through a set of morning exercises, including Vocal Laban, levels of tension and Ras Box theatrical exercises to release their voices and sense of play. At the end of each day, the waters of LETHE are drunk to shed the memories of the day. 

What begins as an innocent exploration into music theatre practices, soon turns into a fabulous nightmare where art and life are blurred and  where group  tensions give rise to scenes games and LARPING.

The herd of holy goats, the god oracles of the island and of the Parthenon marbles, decide who goes onto the next stage of being, whilst  the LARP decides on the twists and turns that the workshop participants go through.

The utimate LARP is death, and our explorers, having gone through the workshops, games, LARPS and trials of the island, having drunk their last draught of LETHE, are washed up, via the Parthenon  marbles in Tartarus that is situated on the banks of the river Thames where they will LARP with the mud-larkers for all eternity.

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