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The 'SINGLR' experience is the ultimate VR game using the myriad of stories generated by the drama of finding a date, blurring the boundaries between art and life. SINGLR uses the idea of a VR cafe as ‘set’ or sense of place, and turns the story structure of the date from the first meeting via dating app, to the actual meeting, into a playful and delightful opera-game where through the digital arts of coding and VR, the ‘performers’ are invited to explore their own creative  potential within this structure leading to a global outcome that feeds into an entire work of which their own meeting, transmuted into a game and a musical duet, is part.

The performers find their date by creative vocalisation alone, no words or speaking are allowed, and it is this complex vocalisation that forms the 'sonic shape' avatar that represents the performer throughout the rest of the date.

Having located the desired voice, they an take their date to a cafe anywhere in the the world, indeed, the galaxy where the waiting staff also vocalise and where the menu prices are based on how imaginative your vocalisations are.

The participant Imagine the delightfully cheesy dating programmes ’Take Me Out’, ‘The Undateables’ and ‘Love is Blind’ combined with  Stockhausen's ‘Licht’ cycle and this is hopefully somewhere near the outcome of experience for the participant.