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What kind of voice do you like? Low growly voices or high and pure? Are you a fan of a throaty husky sound or a voice as clear and sonorous as a bell? What would the outcome be, if we chose who to be with on the basis of the voice and vocal creativity rather that the usual perimeters of visual appearance, income, and what kind of pizza someone likes! SINGLR is an opera where the stories presented onstage are the first meetings of participants, who took part in  a specially created purely vocal dating app, called ‘SINGLR’. Participants in the SINGLR app upload as their profile only their voice, with no photos or any other information at all being disclosed. Having found the voice of their dreams, guided by the daily ever present friendly SINGLR Operabot, a singing teacher who sends daily excersises and encouragement to the SINGLRS, participants can then message each other only in vocalisations and extended-voice improvisation. The app includes video guides to vocalisation and good general vocal health. SINGLR encourages participants to contact the depths of their vocal creativity and inspiration.

Here is a compilation film of SINGLR salons, SINGLR adverts and extended voice workshops during 2021/22.

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